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When they are not in the water, boats can be tricky things to move and that’s where we come in. Our unique equipment gives us an unrivalled capability as Queensland’s big boat movers; so whether it’s your own pet project bay cruiser or a multi-million dollar ferry, BTHR has got you covered.

BTHR specialises in the moving of large boats from the boatyard to the waters edge. Many large boats are often built in sheds with no access to Strap-lifts or other heavy cranes, which is problematic when the time comes for launching. Our heavy lift quad and five axle steerable trailers are capable of manoeuvring into these tight spaces, picking your boat up, and transporting it safely to the water’s edge, where it can be either craned into the water or unloaded on a boat ramp. Fitted with the latest advanced hydraulic controls, our trucks and trailers can move boats weighing up to 85 ton with millimetre precise accuracy to ensure a safe, scratch free ride. To date, BTHR has moved a variety of vessels, including:

  • Ferries
  • Yachts
  • Military & Patrol Craft
  • Luxury Boats

We also accommodate a variety of hull shapes, such as catamarans, multi-hull craft and mono-hull boats. Depending on the size and shape of the boat, we provide various loading methods, using all engineered beams and carrier stands. For mono-hull boat moves, BTHR can construct cradles to carry the boat if necessary.

Structural Lifting and Jacking
Alongside moving the finished product, BTHR can also move, lift and raise boats and hulls while they are being built. Our hydraulic lifting system is ideal for raising hulls in the workshop to allow work under and around the boat. BTHR has completed several jobs where we have raised the hull during construction then returned and moved the vessel to the water after completion.

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