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Building Approvals; Building Designs
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Well its not a problem. Here at BTHR Moving we have our own team of “in house“ fully licensed building designers and an extremely experienced consultant engineer. We are the experts in Removal Home Design and all other facets of related building & engineering design. We work with the most advanced software and design standards available.

Our design brief encompasses a building that is designed as single storey either highest or lowset and unchanged prior to moving. The design package will include all architectural & engineering plans, as well as Engineers Report on the Building, Engineers certification on the design, Energy Efficiency (or BASIX Design in NSW). We lodge all documentation for you whether you are using council, your choice of certifier or our specialist house removal certifier. We help contend with all requests for information and guide the process through for you until you receive your approved building documents.

The council/certifier required reports such as your soil classification report, bushfire report or greywater design (for un serviced blocks) are arranged for you. WE DO NOT CHARGE EXPENSIVE FACILITATION FEES, the consultant will bill you directly, at no extra charge or administration fee.

We can add your decks, raise your house and design your ground floor including slabs, steel beams and other engineering requirements. We can cater for all buildings you may require such as separate garages, granny flats or other dual occupancy requirements. This includes all engineering aspects of the design. While these amendments and additions are welcomed they MAY incur an extra charge depending on the requirements and complexities. We also handle town planning requirements self-assessable and code assessable applications are done here in house and if an impact assessible application is required then we will send the application out to Town Planning firm and guide the process for you.

Basically, we do the building approval for you, so you don’t have to worry. After approval we are still there to arrange your engineering inspections and guide you through the final process. We have become so proficient in removal home building approvals that other house removal companies use and recommend our services. As we are the only house removal company capable of this service, in house, our fee is very competitive. Please feel free to call and enquire we are pleased to do the design work for you even if you are using another house moving company, have purchased your home privately or require new building design

Our in-house builders and building designers are fully licensed and our work is fully insured.

Start to finish coordination

Complete in-house service, saving you time and money

Fully licensed builders & designers

No hidden costs

Fully insured

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To understand the building design process and other services that we offer, you may reach us by phone or email. Our quotes are free, comprehensive and are all-inclusive without hidden costs. We look forward to working with you!

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