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When it comes to your removal home, BTHR are your one-stop shop. With over  30 years in the industry moving the biggest loads our company can provide you with a complete service to see your house from its old block to its new destination.

No matter how big, how long, how heavy or how high our team can get the job done.

Our custom built 5 axle trailer with deck extension easily transporting this decommissioned school building.

Total length: 24m

Total Width: 12m

Total height: 5.9m

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Complete in-house service, saving you time and money

Fully licensed builders & designers

No hidden costs

Fully insured

House moving in Beaudesert, Brisbane and Beyond

Our clients include first-time home buyers and investment property buyers or anyone that wants a relocated building without the hassle. We help them in relocating their existing house or getting their buildings sold and removed from their land. We also help clients in looking for a house to purchase and have it relocated to an area of their choice.

What is the process?

House removals are extremely affordable and are faster to finish than building a new home from scratch. At BTHR Moving, we want to help you see the advantages of house removal. Read the brief below for a better understanding of the house removal process, and what you as the client need to be aware of before undertaking a house removal project.

The process in a nutshell
Prior to beginning preparation for the big move, please remember that you need to gain approval from your local council. In most cases, you will need more than one set of approvals.

This can be an immensely complicated task for a person unfamiliar with the process, however At BTHR Moving we offer a complete building approval service. We are licensed building designers and we work closely with our engineering associates to give you a comprehensive service.

Things to know before you move your house
  • Ring your local council and enquire about the town planning/bond requirements for removal houses in your area.
  • We specialise in managing town planning requirements and approvals, as well as building and plumbing approvals.
  • You will require a full set of plans both architectural and engineering. We also are licensed building designers so we can help you with this.
  • Make sure we see the house before you purchase it to ensure it can be moved from its present position.
  • Make sure we see your site to ensure the building can be relocated to your site.
  • Some houses require asbestos removed, a new roof or other minor works before the move takes place.
  • There will be other documentation required such as engineers reports, soil classification test possibly HSTP design.
  • You will need to have services such as power and water cut off and various removal permits in place-just ask us for more information.
Expected timeframes for removing houses


From the time of signing a contract to purchase a removal home to delivery is approximately 16 weeks.

  1. Plans to be drawn and engineered: 2-4 weeks
  2. Approvals to be processed once plans are completed: 6-8 weeks
  3. Road permits can be obtained once building approval is issued: 3 weeks

New South Wales

From the time of signing a contract to purchase a removal home to delivery is approximately 26 weeks.

  1. Plans to be drawn and engineered: 2-4 weeks
  2. Approvals to be processed once plans are completed: 16-20 weeks
  3. Road permits can be obtained once building approval is issued: 3 weeks


Things to know when the removal process is underway
  • Your removal house will require permits from councils and the Main Roads Department to be moved – be aware this can take time.
  • Your house may need to be cut into sections to be moved. This is standard practice, however weather conditions need to be considered to avoid internal damage to the building.
  • Your building will be moved in the night under police escort. Police escort services have the final say as to when the building is moved.
  • You may require further council approvals such as footpath approvals and tree removal permits.
  • You may be required to have power and water to the site for the actual construction work.
  • We will have a discussion with you regarding site access- including vehicular access, infrastructure and plant removal.

What to do next once the house has arrived
  • Once the house is on site we will start the process of joining and stumping.
  • This will happen surprisingly quickly and is generally completed within two weeks.
  • Your footing inspection will need to be arranged.
  • Your finishing builder should be kept in contact with regarding the delivery date.

With you every step of the way

We coordinate your project from start to finish. From the initiation of the project, through to handover to the finishing builder, you can be sure that we will be there with you every step of the way. All of our work is done in-house, we do not subcontract any phase of the work and we have our own equipment to complete the project.

Once your house has been relocated, it’s all ready for your renovation works. Unlike many other house relocation firms, we offer a complete in-house service including professional drafting and design. We are fully licensed low rise builders and building designers, so we are fully licensed to do all phases of construction, not just house removals. This enables you to relocate and set up your house in confidence, without hidden costs or the use of sub-contractors.

Our work is fully insured. Your home is insured during transit, and our onsite work is insured under our QBCC licence. We also have $20M public liability insurance.

Our standard house moving services include:

House and structural moving

With the biggest house moving trailer in Australia, we can move buildings and over-dimensional structures in excess of 40m long. This could save you unnecessary cutting expenses.

Cutting and rejoining

We’ll evaluate the route to the new location and the size of your structure, to determine if it needs to be cut. If cutting is required, your house will be carefully cut in preparation for the move, and rejoined with precision after the move.

Re-erecting roof

In situations where the roof needs to be removed for the move, the roof will be re-erected after the move.

Stumping & sub-floor steel structure

High-set and low-set stumping options available. We will supply and install steel columns, stumps and beams. These are engineered and manufactured in-house with quality Australian galvanised steel, by experienced and qualified welders.

Facilitate reports and inspections for council requirements

We are experienced in applying for and gaining the required permits and approvals from local building authorities. We offer an in-house service, so you don’t need to be concerned about the red tape and council procedures required to remove a building.

Safety Policies

We take safety very seriously. We will supply work safety policies for your project, and our remotely operated hydraulic trailer is engineered so that the operators does not need to stand underneath it while we are manoeuvring your building into place. 

Additional services available:

Site preparation, clearing and excavation

We have our own earthmoving equipment, which includes a 16-tonne excavator complete with a tree mulching attachment and two bobcats. Learn more about our site clearing services.

House and structural raising and repositioning

Re-position your house or structure on the same block, to allow for future development, renovations, sub-division, or flood mitigation. We can also handle specialised structural raising (eg. sheds or other structures).

House levelling and house sliding

Ask us to find out more about these specialised services.

New roof

We can arrange a new, quality roof for the house after the move.

Building design, drafting and engineering

We specialise in drafting and designing your house to your specifications and are experienced in designing houses to best gain approval from building authorities. All design and engineering work is done in house by licensed building designers, saving you time and money. Learn more about our design and engineering services.

Facilitate town planning applications

We are well versed in all town planning aspects, both in Queensland and New South Wales.

House buying and selling

Talk to us to find our more about these services.

BTHR uses Australian products wherever possible. Our trucks, machinery and steel are all Australian made.

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